Challenge 8


Hey fellow bloggers! As the title says, I am doing challenge 8 now. But before I start I want to say I am sorry for the delay in posts, my computer has a virus, again. So, it is hard to post on it, without it freezing and opening up duplicate tabs. OK, I will finally get back on track :].  What makes a great post is, well personality is what I mostly look for, it’s so boring when people just list off things. You have to act like you are actually in a conversation(A very long and detailed conversation), not writing study notes. Another thing I look for is facts, and proof. Not just random listing stuff that you found on the internet, you got to give just a little bit of proof/evidence that it is actually true.

What makes me stop and read a post is simple, bright color’s that make it stand out from other post’s, like images. I know this is sort of judgmental, but the length of the post attracts my attention, because I feel it shows that the person know what they are talking about. If it is just a few sentences, I believe the person didn’t put any effort, and just decided to get it done and over with, without actually putting their full potential. I mean, everybody gets lazy one day or another, but I am sure most people can at least write a paragraph or more, even if in a lazy mood.

I believe that one of my favorite post’s are the “About me”  and “Challenge #3”  because they have everything I usually look for in a post…except images, I seem to have a problem with not posting images. Also, yes I am able to write about my own interest, but I don’t really. I think if I did actually take the time to post about my own interest, my blog would be more interesting, don’t you think? I mean, I do usually post about a little of my interest in challenges, but I guess it’s just correct that I post about…something?

Moving on from that, I found these really great blogs when I was doing activity 2, The first one was Katie2013, because she has all the things I look for in a blogger, and i can connect with how hard Equestrian is.

I hope you enjoyed my post C:



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Blog Action Day (: (Challenge 5)


I know this is incredibly late, but I have to get it done, so here you go (:

Human Rights, I believe that is was quite right to post that 30 rules, but sadly, those rules are still broken daily. My class has been learning about a person named Malala, she is quite brave, standing up for her rights like that. Personally, i would never be able to bring myself to do that. Many of us are afraid to stand up for our rights, but really, we should have a little more confidence. Although Racism, nationality, and religion is not really being a use for bullying anymore, at least from what i see. I am really sorry this post is really short, but I really don’t know what to write. If you want too learn about human rights more, go to my post for week 4, I have some facts. Well, anyways, bye (:

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Global Issues (Week 4 Challenge)


I don’t have that many questions because, well, I have researched this stuff before many times. It is nothing new to me and I have already have all the questions I had answered. For example, I wondered how much of the world was affected by acts of slavery, and/or Child cruelty. There is no way to tell exactly how much of the world is affected by this issue, but a huge majority of this issue affects South Asia, most of it at least. Child slavery/abuse, is a really common issue, it happens in practically in every country worldwide. Another Issue is starvation. This may tie into slavery, and child abuse, but is also a separate common issue. This is why there is a common fundraiser that helps this issue called the FCC, standing for Farm Credit Canada I believe, but most people call it the CFFC, standing for Canadian Food For Children. There is more than enough food for everyone to stay healthy, and we usually don’t appreciate stuff for what we have, so this fundraiser helps people that have no money to buy food. Another big issue is racism, who really cares what kind of skin colour you happen to be, you can still have the rights of a white person as well as being just as good as a white person. Racism has improved greatly then it used to be, but racism is still an issue. So what I am trying to get across is, you can’t really solve these, but you can help them, buy donating to a food bank, or donating old clothes to a salvation army or something like that.

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Hey, as you know by the title, this post is about the famous holiday called Halloween. I think of it as an awesome day with free candy looting, but you can think of it however you want. Another thing I like about Halloween, is the ability to dress completely different from yourself, without looking like you should belong in a mental instutiution. I am going with my friends, I think I am going to be a ghost with a moustache, my friend wants me to do it with her, so I agreed. Leave a comment on what you plan to go for as Halloween! I am also doing a review on a movie I just saw recently, called “World War Z” but just noting, if you don’t want any spoilers, unless you have read/watched the books/movies, or are OK with spoilers, DO NOT READ THEM! So don’t blame me if I spoil something that you really did not want to know. See ya =P

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Canada (:


I have heard from most American’s, like my cousins, that they wish they were Canadian! I personally love this country, it has some of my most favourite types of things, like Canada’s Wonderland, which I have been to around 2 times. Also the CN tower, which is in Toronto. Also, At 3,855,103 square miles, Canada is the second largest country in the world, behind Russia. It can get really cold here, but all the nonsense about us living in igloo’s is not true! We usually get nice warm summers and cold winters, in the up north of Canada, it can get cold, but I think I have either gotten used to it, or it doesn’t get that cold as most people from other countries make it seem to be.

Another interesting fact about Canada is, “O Canada,” originally named “Chant national,” It was written by Adolphe-Basile Routhier and Calixa Lavallée and first performed in Quebec City in 1880. The song was approved by the Parliament of Canada in 1967 as the unofficial national anthem and adopted officially on July 1, 1980. Also, if you were wondering if the “Eh” thing that most believe that Canadian’s say is true, you are sort of correct! I have seen Canadians say Eh more than Americans, but we don’t really say it after every word.

Hope you enjoyed this, :)

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About Me! :D


Hello, I have seemed to forgot to do an “About me” post, so here it is! I should talk about my interests possibly? well, anyway, I really like pranking people, although I only do simple pranks, as I am sort of afraid on failing, that is always so embarrassing! I also love video games, although I am quite limited, I only have a broken Nintendo DS and Tablet, on the occasion, I am with my friends on a play station.  Also computer games, but my computer is to slow to really download much XD.

If you saw my first post, I love to read, although most books are really boring to me, so good luck trying to make me read just ANY book. I am a fan of movies, especially Thriller, or Horror. Have you ever watched the Ring? That movie was quite creepy, although I only watched a few years ago, so I don’t really remember it that vividly. My favourite movie has to be either The Hobbit, The Conjuring, or… I don’t really know, I still have a lot of movies to watch =]

I also love the arts, like music, drama, all that stuff. I used to play the flute, and can play a few songs on the piano and organ(I know, I should learn more) I am thinking of getting into playing the drums, but I am still deciding. I love the Drama arts because well, I like acting, nothing really to say about that, it is too simple.

My family is well, interesting. I have an older brother that is in University, soon turning 21, I rarely hear from him now, I also got another brother, he is 4, but quite smart. He likes to annoy me by coming into my room and shouting random words, it gets annoying really fast. My mother is the classical embarrassing person, also my dad, likes to prank me and other members of my family, also teasing my friends and me.

My Birthday is October 15, which is not very long from now. I was born in Toronto, Ontario, and I am not really able to tell you were I live now =D I have a few close friends, but many other friends that happen to not go to my school. I am the more Creative one of all of them, of course :D.  I hope you enjoyed this, if you want to know anything else about me, Just ask (:

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Challenge #3


When The school bell normally rings, I wait for all the people to get out, then I make my way to my backpack, and quickly get out of there, because I hate being late for getting home, I usually have to push through the traffic of the hallway to get to my friend’s classroom.  They are usually either, standing there or already gone outside. If they are outside, I usually give a frustrated sigh, walking swiftly to the doors, my back against the wall to avoid people, or pushing through, say sorry multiple times as I hit kids smaller than me, by accident of course. I then look around for my friends, sometimes they could be walking to the cross light, or already on the street walking home.  If so, I either walk over to them, or just continue walking across the cross light, and then yell at them for ditching me. Next just follows by some sort of conversation, and then home.

For breakfast I usually enjoy a couple of microwavable pancakes, if I have the time, or a quick granola bar or apple. For recess, I am usually not hungry so usually choose to not eat anything, if I do eat something, it would be a granola bar, grapes or something along those lines. Lunch, I usually have a ceaser salad, with grapes, and a water bottle or juice. I don’t have Tea Time here, but for a snack when I get home I usually have some chips, ice-cream, or a sandwich. Dinner is really nothing special, either frozen pizza, chicken with fries, or some sort of home made dinner when my parents have the time.

Typical lunch at school, I usually wait for prayers to be done, then grabbing my lunch and walking to my friends classroom, I wait by the entrance for my friends to be done whatever their doing, then I just walk in and sit down somewhere, me and my friends just usually sit and watch what happens in the classroom, or just make random conversation about what is happening in our separate classes.

What I enjoy most about school is being with my friends, getting something to do for some hours of the day, and Art, gym, and being able to sit all day and all you are really doing in moving your hands, and arms. I love art because, well, I am quite creative and good at sketching, so Art is the only way I can really do that in school. Gym, because, I love moving and doing physical exercises, being the fairly athletic person. School is a great way to get out of boredom, and having a balance of activities to complete, whether being something less enjoyable, or a subject that is quite enjoyable.

Hope you enjoyed this, (:


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Hey! I am trying to update daily, but with only my dad’s laptop and the school computers it is getting difficult. I don’t really know what to post except that I am going to watch the weird TV series that my friends are wanting me to watch. I think it is called “Super Natural” It doesn’t sound too bad, but what I have heard about it, doesn’t seem like my type of show. Can someone give me some type of book or movie to review, I’m getting a little bored XD. This may have been a little short, but what am I suppose to post about? I have seen a couple visitors, even one from out of my country. Hopefully someone is reading my posts. well, bye C:


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Back_of_striped_skunk_mephitis_mephitisI am really glad the dog we have been watching is gone, she is my grandparents dog, her name being Choci(don’t ask me why she is named that) she cause a lot of destruction, well, in odour.  She got sprayed by a skunk on the first day, stinking up to whole house when she got inside, I wasn’t aloud to go anywhere because of the smell! She also killed a squirrel, I know she is still young, but why kill a squirrel? I clearly do not understand the canine race. If that is not bad enough, my computer is acting up again, I am trying to figure out a way to fix it, but I can’t really download anything such as Anti-viruses or such because our internet won’t go up. I think I am going to have to get another computer, again.

Also, my dad lit a firecracker in my room(they only make a loud noise, they don’t explode if you were thinking that), a little crazy, huh? I really should steal the pack away from him, every day since he has gotten back from his fishing trip with those firecrackers,  he won’t stop blowing them up and scaring every one member of my family, including my cats.


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Hello (:


Cat photo 1




Hey, welcome to my very first blog! For the first hour of my blog, I basically got almost everything covered. I still have to figure out the “Wikis” page and others such as “Subscriptions” or “Stats” but judging by the title it doesn’t seem like a big deal, I hope at least. My posting will be delayed, as I am having problems with my internet connection at my house, but in around a week or two I will be sure to fix the problem and post a lot more about stuff I do and not school challenges, reports, etc. In my own time, I will usually blog about such things like, my cats, reviews on movies, books, games etc. I may even post about art, or types of places I happen to visit. I will be sure to post as much as I can, actually depends on how many people happen to like my blog. Also, I have a cat that is adorable, named Thunder, he is awesome although very lazy. I loveanimals of ALL kinds, so you may see frequent pictures of certain animals, or my pets.

That concludes my first blog post, on another note, If you comment about a movie I should watch, or a book I should read, or maybe even a video game, I will do a review of it.  Also, any type of blog you link me to I will read it, if I find it good, I will link to that blog in my next blog post.

Thanks for reading (:


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